Pak Wui Jewellery (Hong Kong) Limited is a fine jewellery manufacturer and wholesaler. The company has a complete business model that includes raw material procurement, jewelry design, production and marketing services.

Pak Wui Jewellery's production facility is located in Sha Wan Jewelry Industrial Park, Pan Yu, Guangdong, China. The factory is wholly-owned and has been providing fine jewellery products and services to a number of international jewelry brands. The main market are Hong Kong, Macau and Asian countries.

Our craftsmen are striving for excellence. They have rich knowledge and experience in jewellery. We also provide customers with custom-made jewelry services. We design the jewellery with superior design and professional craftsmanship.

Pak Wui Jewellery has insights that there has been a great potential in the fine jewellery market in China and Hong Kong. In 2016, we had expanded the light and extravagant jewellery market under current fashion trends. We created the brand "Petory", targeting Hong Kong as the core, expanding across the country, and developing a lifestyle brand in jewelry.